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Intelligent Asset Managment (IAM) as an approach to increasing business value

Intelligent Asset Management is a strategic approach to operating industrial assets and facilities from current state to decommissioning.  It combines deep technical expertise with existing and emergent technologies to transform field operations and drive exceptional business results, such as:   

  • Improving operational performance, productivity and safety

  • Increasing operational up-time and extending asset life

  • Exceeding economic targets for revenue and profit

Walking Under Gas Pipes
Value Drivers

Bringing "intelligence" to Asset Management

Prescient IAM brings together advanced operating and information technologies that collectively can provide significant operator insight into asset and field operations.  These insights can provide significant improvement in operational performance, productivity, and safety when combined with enhanced operating processes and team performance enablement.


Our solutions exploit integrated data management, machine intelligence, and mobile technologies to create services that will transform your field operations, and drive significant and measurable business value.


Our Services

We help our clients achieve operational excellence in industrial asset management through the development of advanced technologies, the transformation of business processes, and the optimization of human performance.


We also work with world-class technology and service delivery partners to provide fully integrated, turn-key Intelligent Asset Management services that include:

  • Conventional Oil and Gas Production Management

  • Field Operations Work Management

  • Maintenance Programs and Turnarounds

  • Energy Management

  • Construction Support

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